DevonAgent and DevonThink Pro

I use both not for long time and I’m not an expert.

I search in DevonAgent something
I found something.
In pages there are a link with a webpage.

If I open this webpage with browser of DevonAgent the relevant words are marked

Thats good :wink:

If I store this page from DevonAgent to DevonThink as .pdf. this words also marked.

Can I do something that no marked words in DevonThink.

Or must I use an other workflow

Make a copy of the relevant URL to safari and print this page as .pdf and store it in DevonThink.

Jochen (.de)

You can just type Cmd-R or select Web>Reload Page which will clear the highlighted words. Note that as far as I can tell, this is not reversible. That is, once you reload the page the only way to get the highlighted words to appear again is to go back to Digest or Pages and open the link again in a new browser window.


you could either disable highlighting (see preferences) or just reload the page again before adding it to DEVONthink Pro (adding pages selected in the “Pages” tab of search windows is of course another possibility).

Thanks both for the quick help.

Jochen (.de)