DevonAgent and HighBeam

Could anyone please give me some advice on how to set up DevonAgent to work with the HighBeam plugin? I am paying for a HighBeam account. I’ve tried setting DA, but get far far fewer results (typically a handful) than when I conduct the same search query within HighBeam’s web site (which returns hundreds/thousands of results).

I’ve set DA to Open Results in default web browser (under Menu Extra prefs); and I’ve set up a dedicated Search Set called ‘My HighBeam’ which has

  1. General tab unchanged,
  2. ditto Advanced tab,
  3. Sites tab I entered as Location, my HighBeam username as User and my Highbeam password in Password
  4. Plugins tab I selected only HighBeam (under References section)
  5. Actions tab unchanged
  6. Schedule tab unchanged

Seems to return same very limited number of results whether I use search set, or simply select HighBeam under References before running the search.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

This is actually not necessary/useful in this case but…

…the Highbeam plugin does not (yet) support a user/password (see Windows > Plugins & Scanners).

However, you might switch to “Express” searching to get unfiltered (and therefore usually more) results.

Many thanks for your reply. Must admit, I can’t see much use for the plug at the moment (if one is a HighBeam subscriber) - until it supports user/password. Any idea when that might be implemented?

We’ll have a look at it.