DEVONagent - Cannot add sites to search sets / bombs ???


When editing or adding search sets, I can write the URL, User and Password for the site I want to add to the list on the input box on the bottom of the “Sites” tab, but nothing happens when I click on the + sign to add it.

What gives? (Latest version of DA, Tiger, downloaded today)


I have used DA on-n-off since beta. Now, it had been almost a year since the last time. I am surprised to see that, years later, DEVON’s are the still the only apps in my hugely loaded Mac that routinely, predictably, almost boringly reproducibly, BOMB.

Please send a message to Support that includes your forum post and attachments of a DEVONagent crash log and also your System Profile (including extensions).

That will help diagnose the problem.

The user ID in question is in the form DOMAIN\User, with a backslash in the middle. Once used in the User ID, and attempting to add the URL, no other URL’s can be added to that search.
The backslash does NOT produce a crash it just doesn’t work as expected. Is there a way to escape the backslash so that the URL can be added to the search and passed along to the web site?