DevonAgent crash

I am running DA 2.3.1 on 10.4.11 - DA crashes every time (spinning beachball forever) I click on a web-link in the “Digest” window… the Pages/Log windows work just fine. I have tried the uninstall/reinstall a couple of times with no joy. I also moved all the databases to the desktop (thinking it may be a corrupt database) but no change…

I am ready to give up on this app - any ideas?

That doesn’t happen here.

Please locate the DEVONagent crash log at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ and attach it to an email to Support (Help > Support). Include a brief summary of the problem.

Try to click on a link from the Digest view one more time. If DEVONagent crashes, open, copy the message corresponding to the event and paste that information into your email to Support.

Here is the message from

2008-10-28 17:30:19.845 DEVONagent[6361] Activating DEVONagent extension (version 7308) from ‘/Applications/ MyApps/’

1Password is causing the problem. Try uninstalling it. You might note the problem to the developers of 1Password; it appears that the Input Manager plugin they are using is causing errors in OS X.