devonagent crashes

I have a macbook pro running 10.4.10. I have devonthink pro, which runs fine. However, devonagent crashes all the time–when I’m searching, when I open up links, when I return to completed search. Anyone else having these problems?

If you have installed the beta of Safari 3, there’s a reason it’s labeled a beta. The version of WebKit it installs is unstable and can cause problems. The Safari 3 download includes an uninstaller. Use that and install the current release of Safari, 2.0.4.

Another problem causing DEVONagent crashes was 1Passwd. To remedy that problem, download and install the latest version of 1Passwd.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I’m using Omniweb 5.5.4 (not Safari) and (I believe) the latest 1password build, 2.4.13. Are either of these conflicting with Devonagent?

You’ll need a newer build of 1password:

The developer of 1password was aware of problems and has attempted to resolve them. He seems like a very good guy. But the environment on your computer may still make it problematic. Try disabling 1password to see if the problems go away. If so, contact the developer of 1password.

We’ve also noted problems with hacks such as Unsanity haxies and input managers like SIMBL and others. Check for such items on your computer and try to disable them one at a time, to see if problems go away.

So far so good. I downloaded new 1password and devonagent seems to have stablized. Question: Password build number (2.4.13) is the same. Is this truly a new build?

The version number is the same but it’s not the same build.

DA is my best research program. Love it! Since I updated, I am crashing each time I use the program. I am using Safari 2.2 and I just downloaded the latest version of 1PassWord. DA is still crashing during each search.

Should I go back to an earlier Version of DA? :frowning:

I’m running OS X 10.4.10 and the version of Safari is 2.0.4. Don’t have 1password. No problem running big searches with DA 2.2.

Did you restart after downloading the current posted version/build of 1PassWord?

Yes, I did a restart. I haven’t found out the problem as of today. Thanks for offering to help.

I am still having this problem. I turned off the inclusion of 1Password in both, DA and the webkit (and yes, I am using Safari 3 beta in Mac OS 10.4.10, with all the latest downloads). Is there any news on this issue being resolved?

Just send us the crash logs and we’ll check this but it’s probably an issue of the Safari 3 beta or 1passwd. There are no known bugs in DEVONagent 2.2 causing a crash.

Another common issue is usage of older versions whereas the latest release (v2.2) bypasses some bugs of Tiger’s URL handling making the application more stable.

DA browser also crashes when I follow links from a displayed page. First link followed displays correctly. Next link followed - DA crashes. Running Safari 3.0.4 and latest 1Password. Removed DA from 1Password browser list. Removing Safari is too messy to do.

Found that if I turn off “block advertisements” in web preferences then the crashes seem to stop. At least, they haven’t occurred in the past 30 minutes!

I filed a more complete report with Support and included crash log.


Thanks, will check this.