DevonAgent dictionary question

I am using the built-in script for adding files to devonthink.

It includes the following lines:
repeat with this_result in theResults
set this_URL to |URL| of this_result
set this_title to |Title| of this_result

and it works fine. but when I add the following line right after the above 2, the script doesn’t run at all

			set this_date to |Date| of this_result

Isn’t DATE the right name for the field? I don’t see anything else in the DA dictionary.

Try this…

tell application id "DNag"
	repeat with thisResult in (search results of search window 1)
		log (date of thisResult as string)
	end repeat
end tell

that piece of code doesn’t stop the script, but I don’t know what to do with it. Can I grab that “log” now and use it? ie set “date to log”?

No you don’t grab the log. I used that as an example for you could see the date was being called. You can set a variable to the date of the result and use the variable in other places in the script.

No, currently there’s only |pubDate| and that’s a string. But the next release will also add |date|.

Thank you guys - using pubDate instead of date did the trick.

Next question - can I change the FILE RESULTS IN DT script to make it PDF uncluttered or should I do it with a rule AFTER import to DT?