DEVONagent Express and Pro integration

With the built-in DAe that’s with DApro, is there a way to start a search with the menu extra, but then transition that search to DApro if I need to?

Here’s a use case. I want to tell someone how to import a movie onto their iPad, so I go to the menu extra and search for “import a movie to iPad”. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are a billion spammy companies selling DVD conversion software for windows, and obscuring my results, so I’d like to move the search to DApro so I can apply its more sophisticated tools to it. All I could figure out to do was to open a single result in DApro (which doesn’t help, I want the list) or copy the search text, open DApro, paste it into the search dialog, and click search.

You could change the Menu Extra preference to search in Agent mode, which should filter out the ads to begin with. If you want to keep it in Express mode, here are a couple of thoughts that would be faster than the copy, paste, and click search method. You could select the text in the menu search field, right click, and select the DEVONagent Pro search in the Services menu. Slower but still functional would be to select the text and drag it to the DEVONagent icon in the Dock, which will bring up the DEVONagent search window with the text added as to the search field.