DevonAgent Express loads twice in menu bar


On launch of the Mac (latest OS), DAE creates duplicate icons in the menu bar… Why? Each one is working though…


Do you also use DEVONagent Pro and did activate its menu extra?


I use DevonAgent Pro only.


Welcome @silkrd

A screen capture could be helpful.


Capture d’écran 2019-03-26 à 19.07.25.png

See in the menu bar the two globe icons


Which macOS version do you use?



It was there in 10.14.3 too.


Does this also happen on a second, clean user account? Ideally without any additional menu extras.


Let me check and revert in 2 minutes


Found it!

In Preferences/Security, removed an old/inactive icon of DAE.

Now loads only once. But no active icon of DAE anymore in Security.


Weird. This shouldn’t make a difference, at least for DEVONagent. Anyway, glad that it’s fixed.