Devonagent Express Menulet

Hi all,

Just downloaded the DA Express app and it look and feels great. Just what I didn’t know I needed. I have a small issue though.

The menulet appears in the centre of the menu bar at the top of my screen. This means that previews drop of one of the sides of the screen and I am unable to view them. I have tried to use the Command, click and drag approach to rearranging the menulets, but I only seem to be able to activate the dropdown menus. No moving allowed.

Has anyone else experienced this, and found a solution? I have searched for alternative methods to move the items, but nothing seems to work.

Thanks for your help.


Menubar apps are listed in the order they are launched - starting on the right hand side of your menubar and moving to left. It’s not possible to drag/move menubar apps, but you can adjust the Login Items list in System Preferences and make DAe something that launches earlier than other apps.

Click Apple’s Help icon on that System Preferences menu for further instructions.

korm is correct, but there is one thing about this that should be clarified. Menubar apps will launch in the order that they appear in the Login Items list, but that does not guarantee that they will appear in the menu bar in that same order. Some menubar apps take longer to load and thus they will appear in the first available spot when loaded completely. However, you may have other apps that have already completed the load process and appear in the menu bar ahead of others from the Login Items list.

As example, I have 6 menu bar apps that load at log-in and here is the load order and the order that they appear (starting after the last OS menu bar item):

#1 in Login Items appears #3 in menu
#2 in Login Items appears #1 in menu
#3 in Login Items appears #5 in menu
#4 in Login Items appears #4 in menu
#5 in Login Items appears #2 in menu
#6 in Login Items appears #6 in menu

There is a utility called DelayedLauncher that is intended to delay the launching of some menu bar apps in order to allow more time for the other menu bar apps to load from Login Items.

As a FYI, Apple’s menu bar icons can be arranged amongst themselves by command-click-dragging them, but this doesn’t work for third-party apps.

This is a known glitch of v3.0, the upcoming version 3.0.1 will fix this.