DEVONagent Express Not Returning Results

I installed DAExpress as part of my upgrade to DAPro 3. I thought that it was essentially a Finder Menu Bar access point to DAPro, but apparently it is more akin to DAPro “Lite.”

My problem: many times I get no search results when using a search set such as “medical.” If I understand how DAExpress works, only certain Web sites and sets work, but I cannot ascertain what sets will return results when I view the drop-down menu in DA Express.

The DAPro Help section doesn’t provide any useful information and since there are no user manuals, at this point I am stuck trying to figure out how to use DAExpress… or whether it is worth keeping it installed, since I already have iSeek for quick Google searches via a Finder Menu Bar search field.

Could you please export and send the search sets to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!