Devonagent & Leopard...

DevonAgent was working perfectly in 10.4, upgraded to leopard and now hard crashes.

Exact steps to crash:
Open Devonagent - Fast-scan window comes up
Do a search for anything
Double-click on a link in the search results

  • Bang * the crash happens (note: 3 out of 5 times it happens).

Don’t have 1Passwd, do have Firefox and of course the new safari.

DEVONagent is hitting a Leopard bug that Christian hopes will be fixed soon by Apple.

Ouch, that hurts, I feel withdrawl setting in.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Please send the crash log to our support address - just to ensure that it’s not another issue. Thanks!

This may have been fixed…maybe. 10.5.1 was released today, I haven’t seen this crash at all lately.

I’m still seeing crashes in DA depending on the website that I attempt to browse to (with 10.5.1). Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes.

For instance, this URL crashes DA everytime: … php?t=1167

I’ve sent a crash report to the support email address concerning this issue.

Steve … php?t=1167

That URL crashes my DA also. I have no input managers running (took out the last one (iGlasses) last nite after hearing back from Bill on a crash report I submitted).

I can run about 3 minutes with DA under leopard 10.5.1 before an unexpected termination hits.

Well, there’s good news on the horizon. I’m running a test beta of DA 2.2.1 and it is pretty stable. No problems with the URL noted above, or any other that I’ve hit.

Plans are currently for a DEVONagent update release next week.

In the interim, search sets should work well. If you are having problems with DA crashes on opening pages in the browser, use Safari to set Safari or another browser as the default browser. Then, in your search set if you wish to open a page, Control-click (right click) on the link and choose Launch URL to open it under the alternate (default) browser.

This URL doesn’t crash my DA 2.2 on 10.5.1. I don’t know what I’m doing that’s different.


In DA Preferfences > Web > Web Content: Un-checking options will likely improve stability, while you are waiting until next week.

Just disable the advertisement filter and everything should be fine.

Will the update include a new webkit engine?

WebKit is part of OS X.

In the latest DA, when a PDF is opened, hovering at the bottom gives you the new Safari options (open in preview, download, and magnification). However, the download to download folder does not work in DA. Is anyone else running into this, or is this a known issue?

That’s not yet supported but the next release will handle this.