DEVONAgent Pro 3.2 Bookmarks Management

This might have been covered in another posting or within the help section but I can’t find anything that tells me how to remove a bookmark from the Sidebar Bookmarks panel. There are 19 duplicates of a website that I want to remove but the - sign or the right click/delete command doesn’t function. How do I get those addresses out? Thanks for your help.

If these bookmarks were stored within DEVONagent Pro, the delete option would be active, so they should be coming from the browser you have told DaP to read them from - please see menu bar > DEVONagent Pro >Preferences > Bookmarks.
Therefore you will have to delete them from that browsers bookmarks management.

Also they could be from DEVONthink, but that you would identify, because these are listed under Dt’s icon and name.

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Spot on. Thanks.