devonagent pro disables textexpander

When I fill in a form using textexpander shortcuts devonagent pro disables textexpander.

does anyone else have this issue?

I am using devonagent 3.1.1 and textexpander 3.4 on a macbook pro

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As DEVONagent doesn’t include any dedicated support for TextExpander (meaning that it doesn’t disable it on its own), it should probably work (or not) like in all other WebKit applications. Is that the case?

hello thank you for the response.

actually I can repeat this scenario. devonagent pro disables textexpander. then when I quit devonagent pro textexpander is automatically enabled again - without having to restart the computer or shut down textexpander etc.

actually, because of this (and the 1password issue) I haven’t been able to use devonagent pro. I tried setting it to my default browser but I had to change the default browser back to safari because of these 2 issues.

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The issue of TextExpander disabling itself is due to the way it handles applications that (may occasionally) use secure input. It’s TextExpander’s behavior that needs to be fixed, not DEVONagent’s. You could try Typinator, or try to convince Smilesoftware to fix TextExpander. (See


I emailed textexpander and this is the response below. I am really confused now because according to smile software, it is DevonAgent’s issue which is conflicting with TE and DAPro is the app that is disabling TE. They suggest DAPro to be more friendly with TE.

FEB 29, 2012 | 04:00PM PST
Hello Dominick,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Secure input is a system wide flag that is set by an application (typically when entering sensitive data like a password) to prevent other applications from observing what keys are pressed. It is solely up to the application that set the flag to release it when the time is right. Unfortunately that means we do not have any control over when that flag is released. If the application that set the secure input flag does not release it properly, TextExpander has no way of observing keystrokes, and therefore no way to trigger a snippet expansion.

This being said we have often found it is usually helpful to use the ‘submit’ buttons after entering a password, instead of hitting the “enter” or “return” keys. Usually applications release the secure input flag more reliably when you click a button. We also encourage you to file a bug with any software that exhibits this issue, so that the developers can be made aware of the issue, and address it if they see fit.

Thanks for using TextExpander from Smile!



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FEB 23, 2012 | 04:09AM PST
Original message

it seems like devonagent pro disables textexpander. I am using Devonagent pro 3.1.1 with textexpander 3.4 on a MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8
HD: 500 GB Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

thank you


With DA 3.1.2 and TextExpander 3.4.1 I checked out forms on several sites, use TextExpander to fill in the forms, secure and not secure, and haven’t seen TextExpander turn itself off (or DA turn it off).