DEVONagent Pro doesn't show Safari bookmarks

I recently installed DEVONagent Pro and selected ‘Safari’ in bookmark preferences. However, only bookmarks from DT3 actually appear in the application. What am I missing?

Make sure you have enabled Full Disk Access for DEVONagent in System Preferences > Secruity & Privacy > Privacy.

Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I want to import different bookmarks into DAPro. Via File>Import
But all bookmark options are grey.

What do I have to change? Best, Matze

Do you want to import them to search sets or to your bookmarks? In the second case this is only possible if DEVONagent’s bookmarks are selected in Preferences > Bookmarks.

Hi Christian, ah, this is easy. I thought you’d have to choose the source from where the bookmarks should be imported here. Thanks.