DevonAgent Pro to search for job offers?


I am quite new to DevonAgent Pro (DAP) but already got a glimpse of what this app is capable of. In terms of research tasks it is quite amazing but I wonder if I can also use DAP for tasks of scheduled job searches.

I created a search set called “Job Search” with operators and terms as follows:

Default query:

My search terms are in German, unfortunately, but I will do my best to translate them:

Secondary query:

which means

As I am a graduate in political science but neither looking for a job as a professor nor as an intern anymore, I am excluding these terms.

I added some job search engines as Plugins, such as,, etc but they never give the results I seek. When I add them as Website I get almost no results, when I add them as Search Engine, I only get their search results page but no particular job offer.

When I search with the Google plugin or Web (deep), I get results that are out of date.

I now came across the idea that DAP might not be suitable for this purpose. What do you think? Any suggestions on this issue?

How did you add them as “Websites” or “Search engines”? Adding them to the Sites tab of the search set might work (depending on the website, sample URLs would be useful) but might requiring switching the mode to “Search” instead of “Crawl”.

first of all thanks for your reply and suggestions. Indeed, adding them as websites and change the “crawling” option to “search” helped.

to your question: in the plugin-window you can create new plugins by adding a website with a search term. a window pops up and asks you wether it is a search engine or a website.