DEVONagent tutorial for download

Hi folks!

I produced a little overview on DEVONagent. You can dl it here:

It doesn’t go into detail too much, but I hope you like it anyway.

Hey DEVONfolks, are you interested in more tutorials? If yes, please contact me!

Kind regards,

Hi, Christian:

That was neat. I’ll note it to Eric and Christian.

Hi Chris:

What a fine job :exclamation:

I have some idea of how much effort must have been involved. A real “labor of love.” Thanks for posting the link.


ps: what software did you use for the screen capture?

Thanks for the feedback.

I used SnapZ Pro for the screen capture.


Hi Christian,

As a newcomer to DevonAgent I really appreciate the tutorial and the effort that went in to it.

One thing that really intrigues me is how you got the ‘spotlight’ effect. I have to do a presentation using Keynote and would love to know what you used. :slight_smile:



Hi Tacitus!

The spotlight around the mouse pointer is done by a little app called Mouseposé by Boinx Software.

Take care,

Thanks Christian, I’ll check it out.