DEVONfind to replace UltraFind?

UltraFind was one of my first applications, and I still use it, since there is no match for it under OSX. Alas, it runs only under Classic and the makers announced that there will be no OSX version. If you have a hit and open the file within UF, you read immediately its context; you can also open the file with its own app. The "find next" function is also practical, as is the window showing the file in the file hierarchy. There are many more functions to be mentioned. It still works in Classic Mode (except for some functions), but really this should be Carbonized.

It is far superior to Sherlock or Easyfind, and I would be happy to pay for any replacement if it were to offer a similar functionality. I am surely not alone. What about a DEVONfind search utility a la DEVONagent? Where is my checque-book…


I second smolk’s motion. UltraFind was one of my most useful utilities in the past.

One of the neat features was the ability to "save" searches, so that they could be quickly run again. That was especially useful on folders (or selected groups of folders) with frequently changing content – such as project folders, email collections, etc.

I like smolk’s analogy between “DEVONfind” for local files and DEVONagent, which does a great job for Web searches.

A future release of EasyFind (or "DEVONfind") will be able to preview found documents, will highlight all occurrences and automatically scroll to the first occurrence and will provide real support for RTF, RTD, Word, PDF and HTML/XML documents (and probably text clippings or iChat logs too).

However, if it’s gonna be DEVONfind, this release will get a higher priority and arrive sooner but require a fee. If it’s gonna be EasyFind, the release will remain free but will have a low priority and therefore need “some” time.

Cool.  Saved searches would be nice, too.

PS - Hope you had a great holiday… welcome back!

As I said, I am quite happy to pay for so practical a utility, all the more so since your pricing policy is more than reasonable.
BTW, when you say it will automatically scroll to the first occurence, will there also be an option to scroll to the next one within the same document?

"Go to next/previous occurrence" commands/shortcuts will be probably part of this release too.

I’d happily pay for another of your awesome applications.

My vote is for the "pay" version.


Let’s finish DT 1.9, DN 1.1 & DT Pro 1.9 first, DA 1.4 afterwards and then we’ll see what’s going to be next :slight_smile:

Make EasyFind to be "payed" DEVONfind. It is quite urgent face to Grokker

EasyFind 4.0 will be DEVONfind 1.0 :wink: But this won’t be available before the end of the year (or the beginning of 2005).

Great news (late reply, I have been offline for quite some time - quite refreshing, too). Very happy about this - many thanks!

Have you seen this ?
Quite limited, though - no PDF - and PC-only. See also the Privacy Policy (sic!)

Maybe we should marketing EasyFind 4.0 (a.k.a. DEVONfind) as “The better desktop Google”? :wink:



A new competitor is arriving
blinkx to offer proactive desktop search tool for Mac …
blinkx next week will debut blinkx 2.0 for the Mac OS X, which will bring its next-generation contextual search technology to the Mac users. The free tool, first launched last November for Windows users, delivers new search technologies, such as proactive contextual searches of both local (after indexing) and web content based on users’ every-day tasks. The new search paradigm actively brings search results to the user based on users’ text input in virtually any application. As users type in virtually any application, blinkx can automatically search for related items on a users’ hard drive and on the web (via any number of custom search engines defined by the user). The blinkx toolbar will be available as a free download next week for Mac OS X 10.2 users. In addition, blinkx will also offer ‘Smart Folder’ technology in its new release :unamused: