DevonNote 1.5 text wrap to window

Just playing around with DevonNote and noticed that the text doesn’t automatically wrap to the window width and that there is a horizontal scroll bar in rich text but not plain text.

This makes reading the text a real pain.

Does this mean that every document has to be readjusted every time the window is resized? Or am I missing something?

Is DT personal and pro going to be the same? Hope not.


No, and it shouldn’t be like this in DEVONnote. All text documents should wrap to the window width. Does the problem occur in plain text or in RTF documents?



Plain text doesn’t wrap and has no horizontal scroll bar.

RTF has horizontal scroll bars. None of the documents in Quick Start folder wrapped to the window. The few I checked wrapped to the ruler 8.25 inches.


Actually both plain and rich text should wrap and there should be no horizontal scroll bars (that’s the way it’s working over here). Which OS X version do you use? Is there anything special about your system?

Today I’m running 10.3.6, but this happened with 10.3.5.

I just opened DN on my PowerBook G4. It opened to a blank file. I copied a rtf and plain from DT into DN. All is as expected – text wraps to window and no horizontal scroll bar.

What I reported previously was from my desktop. It seems that I had experimented with the initial release. Trashing the old preference file fixed the problem.

I have the same issue–text does not wrap, period. Trashing the preference file had no effect. I’m running 10.3.6 on a AlPB G4. I had the same result on my iMac G4.