DEVONnote backup

I just started using DEVONnote.
How do I backup it to external drive ?

If you’re using Time Machine (which we do advocate), DEVONnote’s contents should be included in its backups.

Thanks, but I don’t use the TM.

Whatever you use, if it’s backing up your User Library, then you’re covered.

I’m not backing up yet the user library, just some other important things like Photos etc…
Are you saying that in order to backup DEVONnote, I need to backup the whole User Library ?
Can I backup just the DEVONnote database/library ?
And if it’s ok, then where it is located ?

Backing up ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONnote 2 is sufficient.

Thank you very much,

just to be sure, to backup the whole “Application Support” folder, or only DEVONnote folder ?

For DEVONnote the subfolder “DEVONnote 2” is sufficient but the application support folder might contain data from other apps worth backing up.

@Zal, I’m curious, let’s say you’re working on your Mac and all of a sudden you get a (panic attack) system error that says to reboot. You do so but the machine can not boot up. Do you have a plan in place to get things working again? A way to restore all your files back so you can then continue working?

If yes, then ignore my message. If not, this is the time to think about backup strategies.

And, no, I’m not your dad! Just someone who’s been there.