DevonNote database


I discovered DevonNote only no and I am currently testing it.

It’s an encouraging test as it seems that the app will answer to my needs (centralize my reading notes, search, biography notes) as I could rely all of them through links or grouping them by tags etc…

I am just wondering about the limitation if any of the database size as at the difference of DTPro office I already have there is only 1 database in DevonNote.

If I go to DevonNote for sure the database size could be as big as several Go

thanks for your feedback

Best Regards

Contrary to DEVONthink Pro Office, DEVONnote supports only plain/rich text documents and therefore the databases are usually a lot smaller. How many notes do you want to store?


probably several hundreds (with images for some cases)

Size shouldn’t be an issue then.


But do you think that I can also use rather DevnthinkPro Office instead for instance?

Sure, DEVONthink Pro Office can do everything that DEVONnote can do and of course much more (e.g. supports all file types). See … rison.html for more details.

I have already a license of DevonthinkPro Office :smiley: so I think then I have the solution there… no need to buy another app

I wasn’t sure that DeveonthinkPro cover same scope as DEvonNote so you confirm my thoughts

So just need to think how to organize my note needs in my current project or if I have to create a new project dedicated to taking my reading notes and so…

thanks anyway for your support