DEVONnote -> DEVONthink Pro

Is there an easy way to migrate all the documents I have in my DEVONnote database to my newly-purchased DEVONthink Pro? Thanks.

See Bill’s instructions on doing this here.

Many thanks.

The link:

does not function.

The easiest possibility is to export everything via File > Export > Files & Folders… and to import the exported files/folders into a new database in DEVONthink 3.

Will that retain the files as (most of mine are) RTF files? (I am assuming the folder groups are retained.) Or are they placed into a single database file that has grouping identical to DEVONnote? And, if the latter is the case, if a “note” is modified, will the next Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner (or Robocopy, egads!) copy the entire file to the backup location?

That is why I enjoy the individual RTF files in DEVONnote. Only the changed note is sent to the backup.

The import will retain the files, the metadata and the groups. However, the files will be located inside the database package (*.dbBase2) afterwards but at least Time Machine should only copy new/modified stuff after changes.

Oh God, I hope that is true! Going to upgrade to Catalina shortly, and even though the Activity Monitor says that DEVONnote 2.11.x is a 64-bit application, this site emphatically says it is 32-bit.

DEVONthink/note 2.x are 64-bit apps, only the OCR engine of DEVONthink Pro Office 2.x is a 32-bit app.

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This is indeed Good News! I only need the simplicity of DEVONnote. Here we go Catalina!

Much thanks!

As Catalina is still quite buggy, I would definitely recommend to wait for the first maintenance release.

You are probably right. Look at the iOS 13 mess