DEVONnote loads very slowly

DEVONnote loads very slowly, taking 1-2 minutes. But its data base contains only 1779 words, 4 groups.

Why could such a small database take so long to load; whereas my DEVONthink Pro Office database is huge by comparison, yet loads much faster than DEVONnote does. DEVONnote was supposed to be short and sweet, but apparently this is not so.

I’ve got a much larger DEVONnote database, and it loads very quickly.

In DEVONnote, choose File > Verify & Repair. Are errors reported? If so, you probably need to Rebuild the database.

I’m assuming that your DEVONnote database is stored on your computer’s internal drive and not (gasp!) on Dropbox. We recommend against running databases from Dropbox or any other cloud location.

I’ve tried all the things you suggested and I can’t explain the slow-loading DEVONnote either.
But the fact is that it takes 1-2 minutes to load, which is considerably longer than it takes on your computer or that it takes to load DEVONthink Office Pro on my computer.

I was hoping to purchase a license of DEVONnote 2, but I might as well stay with DEVOLthink instead if I want fast loading.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I suggest you upgrade to DEVONnote 2 first of all.

Your sample says you are running DEVONnote 2.5.1.