Devonnote Suggestions

I’m evaluating version 1.8. I’d like to suggest some features…

  1. More icons in toolbar: Labels select, Sort, Expand All, etc etc etc

  2. Better label appearance (color)

  3. I can’t resize the columns size while using vertical split

Yes, you can resize columns while using Vertical Split. Place the cursor on the dividing line between columns and drag left or right when you see a symbol indicating width drag is functional.

Tip: You can add additional sortable columns using View > Columns >. That can be convenient for quick sorting, e.g., by Kind (file type), Label or Word Count.

I have a question about this. I know you can resize columns, but when I do, the informational part of the column might disappear. For example, I want to make the Label column thinner, since there is a lot of wasted space and it makes my main (Name) column hard to read (it gets pretty squished). I don’t want to sacrifice writing space so I can make the entire columns pane larger.

So, really, I can’t resize the Label column, because if I do, the area that has the information disappears as I resize.

Does this make sense? Feels hard to explain!


PS I just noticed that the Name column is left-aligned and the Label column is right-aligned, which I think is causing this problem. Is there a way to change that, because if I do, then I think my problem is solved.

Hi, Alexandria:

Here’s a simple workaround. You really don’t need to see the Labels column all the time, I suspect. So only add it when you plan to sort by Label. After that, you can remove the Label column and not lose writing space. :slight_smile:

BTW, how’s that thesis or dissertation coming along?

Really well, thanks so much for asking! :slight_smile: I’m about to turn in my second chapter for review. That leaves one more to go. My first chapter was already approved, with minor revisions.

I can see light at the end of this thing!!! Very exciting!

And many thanks for the workaround!


Thanks, but resize a column is not the same thing of drag. I have three columns using Vertical Split: Name, Modified and Label. I can resize the Name column but I can’t do with Modified and Label columns.