DevonNote upgrade eminent?

I’m thinking about purchasing a DEVONNote licence. What’s bothering me is that the app is at version 1.8 and 2.0 is supposedly near.

Would I wait until 2.0? Users that register now can do the upgrade with no fee?

Free upgrade to DEVONagent 2.0 for those who purchased registrations on or after November 1, 2005.

Thanks for your response, but I was talking about “DEVONnote” and not “DEVONAgent”.

Oops! I must not have had my coffee when I glanced at your post.

No schedule has been set for a 2.0 version of DEVONnote.

As DEVONnote hasn’t been upgraded since april last year, and since you haven’t answered my question in another thread about planned upgrades for DN and DEVONthink personal, it seems reasonable to ask:

Will DEVONnote be discontinued?
And, what about DT personal?


DEVONnote has been updated in in October 2006. DEVONthink Personal will be updated again with DEVONthink Pro 1.3 soon. Please see our Download page for the most recent versions!

Thank you! There was apparently some glitch that made DEVONnote miss the latest update when checked for. Thank you, Christian Grunenberg, for explaining this. I have fixed that now, manually.

The basic question remains though. One year ago - at Christmas Eve 2005, no less! - Bill Deville said that “no schedule has been set for a 2.0 version of DEVONnote”.

No such surprise this past Christmas either.

DEVONthink PE was, just like DEVONnote, updated last October, and apparently it will be updated with DEVONthink Pro 1.3.

• Will this be a 2.0 version of DTPE?
• Will also DEVONnote be updated? To a 2.0 version? And when?

Or will, as I anticipate (tell me if I’m wrong), the two “low-end” applications be merged into (or substituted with) one “prosumer” application?

Mats Gezelius

DEVONthink Personal will become a 2.0 when DEVONthink Pro does. Not in a few weeks time. I cannot tell more yet, sorry!