DEVONnote vs. NoteTaker, DEVONnote vs. NoteBook

I would appreciate hearing from the good folks of DEVONtechnologies to clearly articulate the ways in which DEVONnote trumps either Aquamind’s NoteTaker or Circus Ponies’ NoteBook.

Check the previous posts – Bill has posted on this a few times before. I don’t think the products are all that similar – I use CP Notebook and DT… CP is a lot better at doing outlines, and I use it for “to do” lists because you can put checkboxes on things and due dates, and it has index pages. So pretty much all my notes go in CPN.

However, for archiving “stuff,” where stuff is web pages, plain text notes, PDFs, etc., so I can recall and research volumes of stuff, DT is vastly superior.