Is there anything that DEVONnote can do that DEVONThink cannot do?

That is, if I am already using DEVONThink (and DEVONAgent) is there any reason to use DEVONnote?

For example, is there better outlining or text editing function in DEVONnote?

I have looked through the DEVONnote manual and I did not see any discussion of this.


The only major differences between DEVONnote and DEVONthink are:

  • It’s possible to open an image inside an HTML page (e.g. a webcam) in PhotoStickies using the contextual menu

  • It’s possible to specify a reload interval for Internet bookmarks (basically only useful for webcams too) using the contextual menu

  • The checkboxes have a different look and "Show/Hide State" commands turn them on/off for all contents

And finally, as the UI of DEVONnote has been simplified, it’s better suited for to-do lists, personal notes etc. (have to transfer my own notes soon :slight_smile:)