devonnotiz pro (the widget)

i would like to see only the first line of what i jot down as the title of my note. actually all the stuff written down will be »huddled« into the title line. that is not very convenient.

and: all notes via the widget are written in red! but i think that color is reserved for replicants, isn’t it? can i change that? how?

Up to the first 32 characters are used for the title, maybe we could add a newline detection in there.

As to why they are red: is the enclosing group labeled with a red color? The widget doesn’t do anything special related to this.

no, annard. no colored groups. meanwhile i changed the destination but the red text color remains.

I’m sorry but I have no idea why that is. It certainly doesn’t happen here. Maybe Christian can shed some light on this…

Which color is red - the one of the text or the one of the title?

hi, christian.
the title is black, the text is red.

You’ve probably changed the text color of plain text documents as DT uses the last selected color. Just open the color panel and select black for example.

ok. while the selected text color was black i put it back to black (quite funny) and now black is black indeed. wow.
and i’m sure i didn’t open the color panel with that recent version of dtpo.

but now it works, thank you.