DEVONsphere suggestions

Would be helpful if the menubar icon changed or had an indicator when the indexing is running.

Would be helpful to be able to remove and restart the index (from the app - I realize one can go to the library and do all that manually, but that’s bad practice and shouldn’t be necessary). Removing categories from the index doesn’t make it smaller. Over here, the index exceeds 3.5GB, which has always seemed odd to me given the limited categories (documents, DTPO, and PDFs) that I’m indexing. Removing major categories like Music or Pictures doesn’t affect this size.

For example, I explicitly turned off the message and chats category before I started the index process, but DSX has spent the past five hours indexing my email. Why? Yet on the other hand, it can’t find a document in an open DTPO database (“not indexed” it says?!).

Thank you for the feedback, the upcoming version 1.2 will fix this.