DEVONtech_storage files

When I just want to export a file/folder ‘to my computer’ (say my Desktop) and out of a database, I get the file in question along with what I understand is a file (DEVONtech_storage) containing all the metadata. If I’m not going to be reimporting said file back into a database (in which case I believe I’d export to a folder so that it would contain both the file and the DEVONtech_storage file), can I just trash the DEVONtech_storage file (i.e. the DEVONtech_storage file only has meaning/use inside a DT database)?
Could there be a preferences setting for not creating DEVONtech_storage files when exporting?

You are correct. The DEVONtech_storage file contains metadata for the file(s) and/or group(s) that were exported. It can be safely deleted if the exported material is not to be imported into a DEVONthink database.

But a user preference to turn off metadata export would probably result in more grief and complaints than we would like to encounter. So I don’t think that’s likely to happen. :slight_smile: