DevonThing Sync vs iCloud Sync from Sierra


I’m using DevonThing To Go and I’m very happy with the new interface and the synchronisation ! It works very Well. Very Good work ! I’m using DropBox for the Sync between my Mac(s) and my iPad and my iPhone, I didn’t get any issues.

I’m also testing SIERRA which includes a “kind” of Synchronisation for the Documents folder. Currently all my DEVON’s databases are located in this Documents folder, therefore they will be Sync with other Mac where my iCloud account is setup (With Sierra and this function enabled).

So for the Mac I guess that I’ll move all Devon’s databases to My DropBox’s folder and i’ll continue to use the sync solution provided by Devon ?

So because I’m using the Sync solution from Devon, that means my databses will be duplicated on this Dropbox folder? The original database and the one in the sync folder…?

Or it will be better to simply use the Sync solution with icloud?

Question is : What will be the best place to save the Devon’s Databses?

  • When using DEVON sync Solution With the Documents folder not sync with icloud?
  • When using DEVON sync Solution With the Documents folder sync with icloud

Many thanks for your advices.

If you are referring to your Dropbox folder, you should never put your databases in a Dropbox (or other cloud-synced) folder or you could irreparably damage them. Never. The safest location is ~/Documents.

Thanks fo the answer, so I won’t use the Dropbox folder.

But I’m having the same issue with the Documents folder.

On my iMac, my Devon Databases are Located in the Document Folder.
On my Macbook I’m using the same place. The Sync between both is done using DropBox and Devon sync system.

When I’ll use SIERRA, I’m going to see my folder Documents Synced between My iMac and Macbook using iCloud…

So my best place is currently to use the user folder instead go the Document folder to avoid the sync with iCloud…

I guess it’s the best place for the Devon Databases.

I’m not running the Sierra beta but the syncing should be an opt-in process. (I personally would opt-out. :mrgreen: )

Sounds like the safest solution may be to create a folder in application support. I have no idea what the effect of macOS Sierra is going to be on data stores located in Documents or the Desktop after they’ve been sync’d.

Neither do I and again, I would opt out of this. (My data = my data = my data. It belongs under my control and on my servers. /end rant :mrgreen: )

FYI, an Upgrade to Sierra appears to default to adding Desktop and Documents to the iCloud Drive storage folder in ~/Library. My DEVONthink databases live on a ZFS pool so it wasn’t a big deal for my dev workstation since my databases weren’t in ~/Documents — I can’t comment on any possible improvements made to the sync engine in terms of collisions because I only have one Sierra workstation, but I can tell you that a DEVONthink database appeared to be functional on an APFS volume.

Unfortunately, they can appear to be functional in a Dropbox folder as well, but eventually you will be very sad in that situation.

So why then is Dropbox an option in DTTG? If you suggest NEVER to do this, why is it an option for users to sync between DTTG and DTP?

I moved the databases in Sierra to a folder ~/DTP databases and the synching process now works fine with one exception: the global inbox won’t sync. How can this be addressed? I reset the synching set-up to no avail.
Using DTP beta 2.0.5build4 and DTTG 2.0.3

Because where Sync data is stored is NOT the same thing as where a database is stored.

Also, the Global Inbox issue will be resolved in the maintenance release. A small oversight in the beta.

Thanks for clearing that up - makes sense!

No problem.