DevonThink 1.95 is very slow

DevonThink is very slow at startup. It takes up to 2-3 minutes until I can use the program. Closing of the program is very slow, too.

What can I do?



[1] Restart your computer. (Cleans out Virtual Memory swap files and, often, other gunk.)

[2] Launch DT and run Verify & Repair, followed by Backup & Optimize.

Let us know if you continue to have slow performance.

Hi Bill,

I did what you told me, but there was no success. Now I reinstalled DT 1.9.4 and this seems a little bit faster (as before trying 1.9.5).

Do I have too much files in my Database? I have about 800 PDFs in the database and the database is about 2 GB. Can this be the reason?

Under 1.9.5 there also was another problem: When moving two or more files from one place to another, DT crashes. Moving only one files causes no problem. This problem doesn´t occur under the reinstalled 1.9.4 version

What´s wrong…?