DevonThink 2.0.7 and iPad

I am running DevonThink Pro Office 2.0.7 and just purchased DTG for my iPad. Now it wont synchronize, because I am using an older version of DevonThink. Can it really be true that I am forced to pay for an update of the desktop version?


No, it can’t be true. Where did you read you must pay to upgrade from 2.0.7 to 2.3.3 (current version)? Look at the upgrade table

Ah okay, was not aware of that. Thanks!

I have now upgraded to 2.3.3 but now I encounter the next problem. When I open up DTTG and click synchronization it identifies my laptop (where I have placed my files in the mobile sync folder), but nothing happens if I press my computer name. Have even tried Reset Sync Settings.
And then after 1-2 minutes DTTG crashes. I have tried to reinstall DTTG without luck.

Networking issues like this can be tricky, but I’ll do what I can.

  • What version of iOS are you running?
  • Sometimes restarting both your Mac and iPad seems to help clear up networking issues.
  • Does your Mac have a firewall turned on?

I tried to reboot both devices + disable Mac OSX Lion internal firewall + Little Snitch.
Now it works :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!