DevonThink 2.5.2 - Sync tests

Clearly this new version works better than the last one. For instance, not any more, until now, files jumping from one place to another. Thanks to the DT team! :smiley:

Nevertheless, I have met another strange phenomenom.

iMac A
DT opened, test database named “Essai” opened
RSS feeds updated => 25 new RSS files in the InBox
17 RSS files are put in the bin, 8 stay in the inbox unmarked (= read)
=> Screen capture “Synchro 1”

DT Sync from iMac A to Dropbox

iMac B
DT opened, test database named “Essai” opened
RSS feeds updated => 25 new RSS files in the InBox

DT Sync from DropBox to iMac B
=> 8 Rss files unmarked in the inbox(OK)
=> 17 RSS files in the bin (OK, screen capture “Synchro 2”)
=> 17 RSS files in the inbox (marked = not read, screen capture “Synchro 3”)

=> DT sync has not detected the 17 duplicates, located twice, in the inbox and in the bin) and has not asked anything about this.

Do I miss something or is there something more to improve?

I am glad that the jumping files problem is solved, although it remains a mystery to me. I have tried to reproduce the problem but I couldn’t.

The phenomenon you report here isn’t strange at all, and I don’t think it would be an improvement to treat the trash (on an English system the ‘corbeille’ is called ‘trash’ not ‘bin’) in the same way as an ordinary group.

Giving a separate color to duplicates is useful because duplicates are confusing and it allows you to delete the redundant copy. However, it makes no sense to alert you that there is a duplicate in the trash (those duplicates are already trashed isn’t it - so they should be treated as if they do not exist).

If the sync removes from the inbox those items that have a copy in an ordinary group, it removes duplicate items. However, if the sync would remove from the inbox items that have a copy in the trash, they would remove items that have no duplicates. So this might easily result in unwanted data loss and, hence, it is not something you should want to have.

Thanks another time Arnow for this answer.

About the good translation of the “trash” or the “recycle bin”, please consider that english is not my mother tongue. If you are 100% sure you can speak french without making any mistake, we could consider to switch to it and I will make my best effort not to make too many mistakes in my native language…

I don’t agree with you about the way to process with the trash. I think it would be better to consider it as an ordinary file.

We have 6 iMacs and Powerbooks, 6 DevonThink databases with for 3 of them tens of incoming RSS feeds (I don’t count the 2 databases used to test the DT sync). When we delete the RSS files after studying them (we keep those of interest, under the web archive format), we can let them in the trash until every other iMac “knows”, with sync, they have already been deleted.

To have to delete hundreds of RSS files every day, one after the other, on each of our iMacs, would be a huge waste of time.

My remark that in the English versions of DEVONThink the ‘corbeille’ is called ‘trash’ not ‘bin’ was, of course, not meant to chide you. It was just my way to suggest you to use the term ‘trash’ from now on, because that will make it easier for people with an English version of DevonThink to understand what you are talking about.

Perhaps, I should have pointed that out in a more friendly or more polite way, I am not sure – English isn’t my mother tongue either. The Dutch way of making suggestions, criticism and requests is much more direct than the English way and I am not always aware that acceptable ways of putting things in Dutch are unfriendly, impolite or blunt in English. As a corollary, I sometimes do not understand English suggestions, criticisms or requests because of their indirectness (for example, when someone says ‘interesting’ I am inclined to think that they express interest in what I say, whereas in fact ‘interesting’ usually is a polite way to say ‘shut up’). By the way, it is not clear to me why ‘interesting’ would be more polite than ‘shut up’, in fact I am inclined to think that it is rather arrogant to say ‘interesting’ when you mean ‘shut up’, but I digress.

I am 100% sure that your English is much better than my French, so I think English is the best choice.

Hi Franck,

Given your explanation I can imagine that in this case you prefer the trash to be treated as an ordinary group.

How about a ‘finished’ group to which you move RSS files that have been studied and are no longer of interest? If you trash the contents of this group after every iMac “knows” that those feeds are finished your problem is solved.

A better solution would be to limit the RSS-feed refresh to one mac.

All right, Arnow, let us forget about the language considerations! :wink:

Your idea about the finished group seems very good to me. I will try it asap with my test databases.

About working on the RSS feeds on only one iMac, this is what we do now since our production databases are now on only one iMac with nothing to do with DropBox and a backup by ChronoSync.

But what we would like to do is to use DevonThink as a collaborative tool. We use our test databases as a way to protect our DT assets and as a way to try to help by feed-backs to improve the DT solution from one version to another.

We are at the end of the “personal” computer era. Even “groupwares” solutions belong at a past already very far from now. It’s Cloud time now! I would not invest so much time on a product we don’t appreciate. We appreciate DT. But we would appreciate it much more if the DT team could take even more deeply the collaborative question in consideration.

Digressing more, it never occurred to me “interesting” might mean “shut up”. :astonished:
My common usage is a softer form of “fascinating” or “intriguing”, including recently starting a few posts with “Interesting.” as a single-word sentence (which hopefully hasn’t offended anyone).

Continuing the digression, I have to agree i[/i] that I have indeed said “Interesting.” as a softer way of saying, “Shut up.” I think you can spot the difference when the sentence is clipped, not drawn out like “Innteresting…” (Imagine there’s a period, not an ellipsis.) :smiley:

@ Arnow

I just tried your idea about a “finished group”.
It doesn’t work: DevonThink seems not to know about duplicates.
Files continue to appear again and again in the Reception Box without an understandable behaviour.

After many DT sync tries and some conversations about DT Sync in this forum, I conclude that, as far as I know, this tool seems very messy, not very easy to use… and not usable at all in a predictable way in everyday life.

I give up and decide to stop losing my time. I forget about it.

@ sjk & bluefrog

I appreciate a lot your sense of humor.