Devonthink 2 pro office setting name and date of file using scansnap

I recently needed to upgrade everything in my workflow.
1: moved devonthink pro office 2 database to new mac laptop (from old imac)
2: Upgraded to Catalina: because of this also needed to upgrade from my older scansnap s1500m to a scansnap ix1500
3: this required me to download and start using ScanSnap Home software

In my old setup when I would scan to Devonthink I would get a popup form that would allow me to give the document a Name, Description, and set the date of the scanned file.

In the new setup I get no options when I scan. The only place I can set the name of the file is in the preferences where I can set the default naming convention using the dates and sequential numbers.

Does anyone know how to get my old default workflow back of being able to name and set the date of a new item scanned into Devonthink?

Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF: Enter metadata after text recognition