DEVONthink 3.5 not remembering databases or window state

Running DT version 3.5 on Catalina 10.15.4, when I quit DT manually and then re-launch DT or restart the computer and re-launch DT, DT does (as it should) remember everything, automatically re-opening the databases I had open and restoring the window state I left it in—for example, if I’d set the window Preview mode to “Standard” instead of “Widescreen.”

Moreover, in the past, when I would shut down the computer without quitting DT first, when I re-launched DT it would still remember everything, as described above.

However, now, think since I updated to 3.5 (?), if I shut down the computer without manually quitting DT first, DT doesn’t remember anything—I have to manually re-open the databases and reset the window Preview mode.

For DEVONthink it doesn’t matter actually how it’s quit and the update didn’t change the behaviour. Did the app still synchronize right before quitting/restarting? Are there any DEVONthink-related crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports?

Thanks for your quick follow-up.

I don’t see any diagnostic reports that appear to be DT-specific in either my User Library or the System Library. In the System Library, for recent shutdowns I do see “.shutdownStall” items logged. I think maybe some of those date from before I started to experience this, although I can’t be certain.

I’m having trouble reliably reproducing the behavior—after shutdown sometimes the re-launch remembering fails and sometimes it works. I will have to do more experimenting to try to understand when it happens.

I apologize that I just haven’t had time yet to try testing what might be causing this behavior, but, for the record, it’s still happening off and on, in case anyone at DT might have time to try reproducing it—after shutting my computer down without first quitting DT, next time I launch DT I find myself having to manually reopen all my databases and reset my view preferences. This seems like a new problem that’s started recently. I’ll try to find time to see if I can further identify when/why it happens and when it doesn’t, but my to-do list is always overwhelming …