Devonthink 3.7.2 keeps asking me for a license - no free seats

on MacOS 11.5.1. I enter in the license and am told there are no more free seats. Help says:

“You can also do this directly from inside the application by choosing Application > License ) and using the Remove button in the dialog window.”

Where is that, in the MacOS app or the web? There is an “Enter License” option in the app (no “License” option), but that only allows you to enter a license, not remove one. In my web account that tells me 2 seats are in use but can find no way to remove them. I have only used the software on one machine.

Via your user account (see Help > Your Account) you’re able to view & manage the currently used seats.

Resolved. To remove a license you remove a device, not the license.

Indeed. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.