DevonThink 3.9.2 Missing Files


I am working on an M2 Mac Studio with the latest Mac OS, and unfortunately the power went out in the middle of me having a database open called “Accounting” that only contains PDF documents.

Now, upon reopening, it says there are 111 “Missing Files” even though these were all there before/any of the source documents had not been touched.

Does anyone know how to re-link or find these “Missing Files”? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Let me know if you need any more information from me to help with troubleshooting.

Welcome @stephanfire
Are you indexing or importing files into the database?

Thank you for the warm welcome!

All the files have been imported into the database, and then after the crash, after attempting to verify/repair/index, we now have missing file errors for whatever reason…


Can you open a support ticket?