DEVONthink 3 and Text Display

First, let me say … DEVONthink 3!! Woo hoo!! Wonderful news, and I’m happy the wait is over.

I’ve only been playing with it for a short time, and I like what I see. Of course, this being the Internet, here a few things I’m still looking for:

  • Color syntax coding for multiple languages, although I’m looking mainly for markdown coding like you see in an app like Ulysses.
  • Text themes (text color, background color, but ties in with syntax coding, etc.) like you see in in a lot of text editors (e.g., SublimeText, Atom).
  • It would also be nice if the text width could be controlled in the regular app view (not full screen). Having the text be as wide as the bottom preview window simply makes the lines too long when, in the default view, I have the app window wide enough to make the top list view usable.

Over the past few years, I’ve moved to plain text for most of my writing, and I’ve gotten used to apps like Ulysses, Bear, IA Writer, SublimeText, and some others where their display of plain text is both functional and pretty. I want to be able to view text in DEVONthink that looks as nice.

Thanks for listening.


This is fantastic!

Thank you for continuing to develop this software. It’s honestly the best I’ve ever encountered, via web and local.

Again, thank you!

Welcome @cstephen87
Thanks for the kind words and support. :slight_smile:

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Agreed on the great work, and better display of text. Window edge-to-edge text is not very readable.

Things like this aside, the new version succeeds in being better to look at and more functional. Bouquets to the team.


Also re aesthetics: Could the folder/file list spacing be opened up to the same spacing as the sidebar? The sidebar is easy to read, but the list is overly dense.

Window edge-to-edge text is not very readable.

Please post a screencap of what you’re referring to. And thanks for the kind words.

This wasn’t asked me directly, but this is what I’m thinking of! Sorry for the bad Photoshop; I’m not on my main computer.


As dougray has posted: I’d hope for the ability to constrain text width to a certain number of characters, so that it forms a column in the middle of the window, or to have customisable margins of white space at the edges of a window. I’d prefer the former - it means that when you open a text window, text will flow in the same way every time.

BBEdit’s “Editor Defaults” preferences would be perfect :slight_smile:


This function could make the documents much more pleasant to read!

I agree.

Please improve the display of texts in DT as suggested in the earlier posts.

On the style I have created when entering text, I have narrowed the left and right hand side margins for easier reading in display. I agree though, it should ideally be a user default setting.