DEVONthink 3 beta 5 Webserver "Website Archive" File Viewing Issue

Just started to play with Webserver in DEVONthink 3 beta again, and started to run into more bugs than I would like. One of the bugs prevents me from viewing a “Website Archive” file in certain condition, like the screenshot below:

You should be replicate the bug by doing this:

  1. Select a database that has at least one “Website Archive” file
  2. Search for keywords that is within the “Website Archive” file
  3. Webserver will find the file very quickly, but if you double click on the file, the preview of the file will not highlight any keyword you searched for (why??)
  4. Now clear the search term and double click on the file again, you will see the error message above

PS: also, if you have search terms left in the search bar, you will not be able to go to another database, you must clear the search bar in order to switch database. That to me is very odd UX, at least DEVONthink 3 Mac version does not do this.

Highlighted search hits are currently not possible in the web sharing interface. This may be a feature of a future release.

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