Devonthink 3 Beta and Excel-Files


first of all I love the new DT3 - the best feature for me is the one which even is not mentioned in the release note, which is that the search searches now the title AND the content of the file simultaneously for the searchwords with either and/or logic (before all searchword must be in the titel an/or in the document - but didn’t find the file if one searchword was in the title and one was in the document).

But now to the bug I recognized - The search also search Inside EXCEL Files - but

  1. not highlighting the search results
  2. also the search window for searching inside the excel document is grey so I can’t make a search inside the document.

I’m not sure if this bug is already known.

Thank you

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Thanks for the feedback! However, third-party file formats like Excel are displayed via Quick Look and unfortunately this isn’t customizable at all and therefore highlighting (or searching inside the document) isn’t possible.

But it works for third party Word docx files - is there a difference?

Thank you for clarification

The text engine of macOS supports some Word formats and this is used for highlighting occurrences.

Also realize, large companies like Microsoft and Adobe have separate development teams for their apps. This often causes "apparent discrepancies" in behaviors between apps from the same companies. So being a Microsoft product is no guarantee of the same behavior from their different apps.

Thank you for your information.


No problem.