DEVONthink 3 Beta Invisible font issue

Anyone experiencing this issue with their Text font visibility? Ican’t really test the app since I can’t see anything.

This is not how DT3 appears using the dark mode color scheme.
Are you running some utility to create this look?

I’m using a terminal partial dark mode command where only the menus and dock behave as if in dark mode

This command: defaults write -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool Yes

I’m not near a computer but I know there’s a command where you could exclude apps from dark mode I’ll try and see if that works.

These hack isn’t supported yet but the next beta will.

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@cgrunenberg do you have an indication as to how often you expect the beta to be updated?

As long as there are no urgent issues probably every 3-4 weeks - each release requires time and we need as much time as possible for the feedback and the bug reports :slight_smile:

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I am experiencing the same issue stanblues999 is having with white font but not using any modification to assign color modes.

Any suggestions?

turning off the hack (partial dark mode) has resolved the issue. There is a hack to turn off hack mode per specified app, would that be supported in DT? I can’t remember the hack to test so I thought I’d ask first.

never mind. tested the turn off dark mode hack for DEVONthink and it isn’t supported. I believe that was confirmed by cgrunenberg. All is good.

Welcome @djw
Are you using the dark mode color scheme?

If so, does the problem persist if you quit and relaunch DEVONthink 3?

Upon first install in normal mode. Font is all white. Switch to dark mode font remains white, background becomes black making the text readable.

Switching back to normal mode the white text remains the in same state.

Attempted to uninstall restart, preform fresh install with normal color mode. No change white text always shows even when doing a color state change ad mentioned earlier.

By what means did you do an uninstall?

Does this persist after a machine reboot?

By what means did you do an uninstall?

Completely remove the app and library related files. So when fresh install is placed the bug is reproducible.

Does this persist after a machine reboot?


I am having the same issue. Thank you for your response

Welcome @Free

Are you using the same Terminal hack?
Also, a scrren capture could be helpful.

@BLUEFROG I can confirm that by toggling the application theme color state via terminal hack or with an application called Gray that it indeed resolved the hidden text issues.

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Interesting! Stay tuned for the next public beta to see if it behaves correctly with no hacks. Thanks!

Thank you @BLUEFROG and @djw, the same issue persists for me but I am running Catalina and figured it is a beta issue. @djw Are you running the beta or Mojave?