DevonThink 3 beta - Problems synching with 3 webdav servers

in DevonThink 2 I have set up 3 webdav servers for syncing different databases. It is working flawlessly. In DevonThink 3 beta I only managed to set up 2 webdav sync servers. When setting up the third webdav sync server I always get the following error message (conflict 409):


I am using the same login credentials as in DevonThink 2. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your support!

What kind of WebDAV server do you use? Both version 2 & 3 use basically the same sync and this error is returned by the server. Do you use the same credentials to access the sync store?

Thanks for the reply. Problem solved. I typed in wrong credentials. Apparently, for the webserver address (Strato Hidrive) it is important to regard upper and lower caseā€¦