DevonThink 3 beta - web server

To say that the only use for the web server is for business purposes is disingenuous.

To clarify, I did not say the Server edition’s “only use” is for business. Business is part of the target market, a market which also includes academia, and larger group collaboration.

Also, a very large segment of our user base is running DEVONthink To Go on iOS. That combined with our sync engine allows for the same essential functions of gathering data when away from the Mac, either syncing locally (ie. via Bonjour on your local network) or remotely (ie. via Dropbox, iCloud, WebDAV).

Forgive me, I left out the fact that when I’m away from my Mac I’m using Windows. And, for the record, I paid for DEVONthink To Go.

That’s correct. As soon as you enter a non-Server license code the Server preference pane will be hidden.

I meant to respond to this part yesterday as well. You took a valuable piece of many (non-business) people’s workflow and added “features and capabilities focused on business, academic, and larger group collaboration” in order to generate more revenue from that portion of the software. I wonder if you actually talked to customers to find out how they used that functionality in v2 or if you just decided that is how everyone uses it and moved forward. Maybe allowing one of the seat licenses to allow web access for a single user, without the group and individual permission capabilities, may have been a different path to take, but that’s water under the bridge now, I guess. Full disclosure, I’ve already bought a license (non-server) for version 3, it’s just frustrating as hell to have to rework years of workflows and processes.

We have indeed done some research before deciding what goes into which edition. The rewritten web interface is far superior to the old one and the costs of the Server editions are not only to make us rich and beautiful but also to cover the development costs.

We’re sorry that we caught some smaller fishes in the net and we hope that DEVONthink 3 will still be useful to you.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I guess. :slight_smile:

Like I said, I bought version 3 already. The interruption of my workflow doesn’t diminish the usefulness of DEVONthink once the information is in there.

The new server function looks great. I’m in a similar situation as many are…just use the server function occasionally. I also use it as a backup on occasion when I need to connect to my information remotely. I do have DTG, but sometimes it takes some time to sync up. It would be great to see the ability for one server connection included with the regular license. I still plan to upgrade to version 3 since I don’t rely on the server function.

An old topic but Curio 14 is out today and the developer has managed to re-instate DEVONthink support :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up!