DEVONthink 3 Bug and Feedback

  1. Cannot assign function keys to sorter shortcuts (e.g., F8).

  2. Would like Go–>To Group… (⌘G) to be reimagined as Go–>Go… (⌘G) and be able to type in the name of an item to go to, not just a group.

  1. What are you referring to specifically?
  2. The request is noted, but it also may not be feasible from a performance standpoint. Also, that’s kind of what the search field and Favorites are for.
  1. Go to Preferences→Sorter. Try to assign a shortcut key of F8 (or any function key) to “Take Note Hotkey” (or “Copy Selection Hotkey” or “Clip to DEVONthink Hotkey”). You cannot. I believe DEVONthink 2 allowed this.

That’s not a bug. You are required to use a command hotkey as well, e.g. Control-Option-N for Take Note. Also note some combinations may be unavailable as the operating system uses them already.