DEVONThink 3 - Delete search won't reset it

Hey everyone, new to DEVONThink, using it since two weeks and absolutely blown away. Have to learn all the best practices though.

Here is a problem that I have:

When I try to search via Cmd + Option + F, I see the search results. Now when I delete the search term, I see a blank search results page. Only after I hit the little “x” on the right side of the search field, search is resetttet.

Since deleting the previous search word(s) + hitting enter won’t reset search: Is there another way to reset search, other than using the mouse to hit the little “x”?

Thanks in advance for all useful tips and looking forward to learning a lot about this wonderful product.

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Use the Escape key. I think you’ll find that does the trick.



Super simple solution. Thanks!