DevonThink 3 Empty Trash setting

I wanted to empty the trash and selected to also delete the indexed files form the harddrive.

I did NOT check the checkbox to make that option standard, but now, whenever I try and empty trash it askes me if I’m sure I want to remove the items in the Trash permanently.

So the bug is this is set as default even dough I didn’t check the checkbox. And I would like to revert to the dialog where I have the options.

You can reset warning dialogs in Preferences > General > Alerts.

Thanks, good to know, but it actually didn’t reset the dialog, still have the question if I want to remove the items permanently. :confused:

Post a screencap of what you’re talking about. Thanks.


The Pref > General > Alerts does not reset this back to the dialog about selecting how I want to remove the items in Trash

It doesn’t reset that dialog because…

  1. There is no option to not show the warning.
  2. It’s not the same dialog.

We are looking at some behaviors in handling indexed items, and it’s likely related. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Ok, so how do I get the dialog for empty trash back? Cause I never checked the checkbox that will make any option selected permanent.

Preferences > General > Alerts: Reset

I am also having this problem and reseting the alerts did not solve it. Also When I move items in DevonThink in an indexed location it does not move it in the finder but duplicates it to where I move it. I rest the alerts and then restarted my computer and still it is not working. This is a big problem as DT is no longer a document manager with out the ability to change the actual files in the original finder location. Also it is frustrating to have entire folders duplicated using up a lot of computer resources, then having problems knowing which folder is the updated one when I might have used them both and then I have duplicates everywhere.
Would reinstalling DT solve this problem?

OK so I tested again and it seems that it manages documents properly but not when you try to move them from an indexed folder into another database. This is confusing.
OK never mind it works, the prompt is back. It works, I guess I am confused about how an item moved from an indexed location to a non-indexed location does not move it in the finder. Maybe a more clear distinction between what is indexed and what is in the DT databases could help. I am still learning, maybe that is what the colors mean.

Only moving to indexed groups causes changes in the Finder currently (just like renaming or creating/deleting files) but not moving to groups.

Same issue, Dec '20. The dialog appears as shared by f3f2f in May '19. The following dialog no longer presents.

Willing to withstand cross-examination by Perry Mason that I did not click the checkbox.

Have you read the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing > Indexing and the filesystem?

Thank you for that pointer. I hadn’t managed to put together a successful search in the search box. How hard can it be? Apparently, “hard enough.” sigh.

“Is it turned on?” is usually the first step. RTFM is always — or should be — the second step. I missed that one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: