DEVONthink 3: Info panel shows "No Selection" when selecting group from sidebar

In DT3, when selecting a group from the document panel (the center panel), the info panel will correctly shows the info of that group. However, if you select that group from the sidebar, the info panel shows “No Selection”.

Also, you cannot sort the group manually via sidebar, it can only be done in the document window. These made sidebar quite awkward to use. Will it be improvement in the future?

Only the selection of the view matters.

Did you change the sorting to “Unsorted” in the contextual menu?

Here is a comparison to DT2

The different interactive logic did confused me when I’m trying out DT3

Yeah, I set the order to “Unsorted”

Just like in version 2 the sidebar doesn’t matter but the 3-pane view consists of two views.

Just installed and payed for Devonthink 3. The GUI looks like the one of scrivener…
Nice job!!!

Just coincidence :slight_smile: