DEVONthink 3: no longer asked to authenticate after upgrading from DEVONthink Pro Office

After upgrading to DEVONthink 3 from DEVONthink Pro Office, I’m no longer asked to Authenticate when I open up my (supposedly) protected databases. I’ve verified that the username and password are still set in Database Properties. How can I return my databases to their password-protected state?


The password is only used by the synchronization of version 3 (see File > Database Properties…) as the former protection was very simple and not an encryption at all. Usage of encrypted databases (see File > New Encrypted Database…) is now recommended instead.


Thanks for the quick reply! Is it possible to convert an unencrypted database to an encrypted one?


The easiest possibility is currently this one:

  1. Use Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility to create a new, encrypted sparse image. Please ensure that the maximum size is really sufficient as your database might grow. In addition, HFS+ is recommended, not APFS as HFS+ is more reliable in our experience and compatible to older macOS releases.

  2. Mount the created sparse image in the Finder

  3. Move your database (*.dtBase2) to the mounted volume

  4. Unmount the volume

Finally, change the extension of the sparse image to .dtSparse. Now you can open this encrypted database by double-clicking on it.

To add to Criss’ comments, estimate the maximum size of your database then increase it by a reasonable amount. For example, if you think your database’s maximum size will be 10GB, make an encrypted sparsebundle disk image at 12 to 15GB.

Great-- thank you both!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: