Devonthink 3 Pro (Ver:3.6.3) having issues accessing synology NSA Station as local

Since the Update to Version 3.6.3 I do have massive Problems sending Data to the Database on my Synology DSM 418. The Previous Version works fine without any Problems.
Situation: I’m sending two files directly in devonthink to my NAS. Suddenly all network connections are lost. This only when I’m using NAS as DATABASE.
Via Beyondcompare I copied all the data to a local SSD without any Problems and reopend the SSD-copy of the Database. no Problem. Only the files I wanted to load into Devonthink are marked as missing. Ok I deleted them and reloaded them and all is fine.
Now I thought that it could be fine to use a synced version of the database on an other NAS I own.
I entered the neccessary data and the connection was establisched. After syncing a while all network connections again where lost and I had to disable the ethernet and reenable it to be reconnected
The Network-connection aborts only happens in conjunction with devonthink.
I’m using a 32 GB iMAC 27" late 2012 with the latest Catalina on it.
TimeBackup and all other longruning connections to the NAS are working perfekt, but not so devonthink.
Are there any known Problems?
Kind regards

Do you use the database (extension .dtBase2 or .dtSparse) on a NAS? This is actually not recommended as this is a lot less reliable & much slower, especially in case of a wireless connection.

Did you update either macOS or the firmware of the NAS lately? Because macOS and the NAS handle the networking, DEVONthink doesn’t.

I’m using the extension .dtbase2 on NAS. The update of the NAS took place before the Update of Devonthink and Catalina ist just runing since the last update from Apple a couple of month ago.
Do you know about some Problems with the networking with Norton Network controller?.
I disabled this one and it seems as if it is now working.
Could I change to .dtSparse any how if this would be better?

Kind regards Willi

I think you might be better of by not putting your database on a NAS. Instead, put it on your computer (if space permits) or an external drive directly connected to your computer. Use your synology only to sync (if needed) and backup.
Depending on connection (Wifi vs. cable) and network protocol (SMB, AFP, NFS) you can experience any kind of trouble with your original setup. Starting from the sometimes less than perfect implementations of said protocols in Mac OS.


OKay, thanks for your assistance, I will move it on an external device. Ther are enough left to use for.
Kind regards Willi

Due to these issues I would definitely recommend to verify your database (see File > Verify & Repair Database…)

Last days I’m suffering some issues with my Synology NAS since last Synology update. Main problem is I cannot smb connect with different users (I have one “main” user, and a second “backup” one) and does not matter what I try, if I connect with backup, I still see “main” one folders, but they are empty. Then CCC has stopped working, bot in my iMAC and in my MBA M1…

However, DT sync account (a different one) has no problems in update the sync database.