DEVONthink 3 - Server

I have a 2.2 gb database that I am trying to access via the WebServer, When I open the web server via Chrome (or any other browser) and attempt to “open” the database on the web, I just get a spinning loading signal next to the database, where the downward arrow would normally be. I compare that to the 6.6 gb database I have that immediately “opens” on the web server. I have performed verifications, export and import, as well as duplicating documents to a new database - all with the same results. When I run the log, there is nothing that comes up out of the ordinary, or throws any errors from what I can read.

I am hesitant to simply export and reimport all documents, as I’m not sure all the tags I have made would survive the export/import process.

Could you please post a screenshot of File > Database Properties of both databases? More important is the number of items and groups than the size in bytes.

Interesting, hadn’t thought about that. Please see below.

The number of items/groups shouldn’t be a problem. Does the user have the necessary permissions for the database in Preferences > Server?

Yes they do. I have tried with multiple logins/users as well, and all the same results.

What browser are you using?

When the application is stalled, do a Spotlight search for Activity Monitor . Select the stalled application in the list of processes - it should show “(Not Responding)” and the name in red - and press Command-Option-S to run a sample on it. When the sample window opens, press the Save button and save it to your Desktop.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug. Attach the text file to the ticket. Thanks!